Saturday, February 24, 2007

Corruption Item 1: Become Educated About IA

1) Become educated about what's going on in IA in general

--Subscribe to news alerts. Share them.

--As you read them, look to learn about the problems in individualcountries, but also about the "big picture"—the patterns that repeatover and over again from country to country.

--Form your own hypotheses, think through where you think theproblems lie and what the solutions might be, discuss your ideas withothers, network, decide where you can help, and then apply your ownunique talents to being a part of the solution.

--Track trends and events with respect to corruption and illegality'simpact on adoption. History often repeats itself.

--Read David Smolin's articles on adoption corruption at:

--Watch the US Federal Special Agent Richard Cross's presentation,What Really Happened in Cambodia:

--Discuss with others. Right now discussions about adoption ethicsare almost taboo. When conversations about adoption ethics becomemore common-place, improvements in adoption practice & ethics aresure to follow.

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