Sunday, February 25, 2007

Corruption Item 13: Don't Undermine Investigations

13) During Adoption Crises, Avoid the Temptation to Undermine and Work Against Investigations, Enforcement, and Reforms.

-- When the governments involved become convinced that there are illegal practices and slow or stop adoptions from a country, resist the temptation to push the governments to keep countries open to adoption.

--Instead, hold PAP's hands and offer support that makes it clear that governments must be allowed to do what is necessary to stop corruption.

--Get involved in helping safeguard the immediate welfare of children caught up in these scandals.

--Receiving country governments are often forced to turn a blind eye and disregard blatant problems because AP's push their governments so hard in order to keep the flow of children going. In turn, these governments put pressure on foreign governments to keep children flowing freely. As a result, clean-ups are rarely followed through on. Everything is swept under the rug and the children keep coming no matter what.

--Governments have learned from past experience not to investigate adoption illegalities except in extreme cases where the embarrassment to not investigate exceeds the grumbling of the AP's when they do investigate—which means hardly anything is investigated except incases where AP's lose money. This means that AP's always ensure that it is open season for illegalities in adoption.

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