Saturday, February 24, 2007

Corruption Item 4: Are Agencies Acting Legally?

4) Keep tabs on whether your agency and the other adoption agencies practicing in the countries you have chosen, are abiding by the rules.

--Network with others and together as AP's "police" the agencies that practice in a country.

--Now that you know the laws of these countries, you can see whether the agencies in question are following these laws. (for example, if the country prohibits orphanage donations and an agency practicing there *requires* an orphanage donation...warning bells ought to go off. If the country puts a cap on foreign fees and the agency's foreign fees grossly exceed the cap on foreign fees, ditto. If agencies aren't allows to umbrella under the licensing of other agencies, but are doing so, ditto.)

--File complaints with authorities (in both the sending and receiving countries)where agencies clearly do not follow applicable rules. If you don't know with whom to file complaints, ask on IAT or get in touch with Ethica.

--After complaining to authorities, note the authorities' response or lack ofresponse and the effect that it has on agencies changing their practices. This is instructive for understanding enforcement or the lack thereof. All the rules in the book do no good if they are not enforced.

--Where there is a lack of will for enforcement, take your concerns to the next level above the negligent enforcers or think through what reforms or actions might lead to enforcement being taken seriously.

--If an agency retaliates against you for complaining about them, report their retaliation to the authorities to which you complained.

--Share with PAP's the history of corruption within a specific country so that they can make wise choices. No one should be allowed to wander unaware into a situation where there have been serious past allegations of or convictions for adoption corruption or fraud

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