Sunday, February 25, 2007

Corruption Item 10: Know Your Country's Laws

10) Educate yourself on the adoption related laws and regulations of your own country.

--As you educate yourself, take note of the way that the federal, the state (or regional) and the local laws interact.

--Note where your own country's laws are weak; discuss these weaknesses with other AP's. Lobby your government to strengthen these weaknesses, and energize other AP's to care. Just make sure you understand the broader repercussions of anything you push for before you push.

--When you see your government taking a stand for higher ethical standards in adoption, be sure to praise those officials for their principled stand; when your government fails to take a stand, make sure they know you aren't pleased. Above all make it clear to your government that adoptive parents and adoptees CARE about ethics in adoption—that the ends do NOT justify the means, that AP's desire to parent does not trump the human rights of others.

--Seek to understand how the laws of your country intersect with the laws of the receiving countries you have decided to monitor.

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