Sunday, February 25, 2007

Corruption Item 8: Track Agency Practices

8) Track current agency practice to understand the bigger picture.

--Join online groups like Adoption_Agency_Research and learn and participate.
(The Adoption AgencyResearch Group was formed to help prospective adoptive parents--PAPs-- in their research and selection of an international adoption agency. If you have already completed an adoption, please share your experience with us! This group is for CONSUMERS ONLY -- EMPLOYEES OR AFFILIATES OF ADOPTION AGENCIES are NOT WELCOME in this Group!)

--Contribute whatever you can according to your own experiences.

--The best way to continue to support bad agency practice is to keep your mouth shut about the corruption, fraud, and bad adoption practices that you yourself experienced. The best way to support better agency practice is to SHARE YOUR BAD EXPERIENCES with others. Silence is the best friend of corruption, fraud,and bad adoption practice.

--Membership in groups like AAR is useful not just in terms of learning about agencies, but in learning about the realities of current adoption practice.

--Note the lacks and loopholes in adoption law and enforcement as you see how real life adoption practice plays out in the lives of real people.

--Note who the especially problematic actors are and how they freely they appear, disappear, and then reappear in one agency and then another.

--Note also how ineffective the laws, enforcement, and oversight are as you watch the very, very few agencies and actors who are finally disciplined by government or voluntary bodies simply show up in another jurisdiction or another agency reincarnation to continue freely to do whatever they do.

--Note also the lack of real recourse that adoptive parents have with agencies.What would make this situation better?

--Now imagine this lack of laws, lack of enforcement, and lack of recourse and power multiplied a hundredfold in the case of impoverished first families dealing with corrupt sending country operatives and governments. What would make this situation better?

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