Saturday, August 04, 2007

Dutch Couple Suspected of Attempted Baby Smuggling in Sri Lanka

International adoptions from Sri Lanka are not quick or easy. In recent years, children have been adopted from Sri Lanka to the U.S., for example, only in rare cases.

The strict requirements for internationally adopting appear to have been completely sidestepped by a Dutch couple. They were arrested two weeks ago on suspicions of illegally adopting a two-week old baby. The couple allegedly procured a fake birth certificate, were contemplating paying a large sum of money to unnamed recipients and were then planning to smuggle the infant to the Netherlands.

The couple has not been formally charged. But they remain detained in Sri Lanka for another two weeks while the investigation continues.

How can adoptive “parents” who directly steal a child face themselves in the mirror? How can they look at “their” child in the eye?


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