Saturday, August 04, 2007

Adoptee Rights Considered by India

The governing administrative authority for India adoption is the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA). CARA is considering guidelines that for the first time would contain an open records provision.

On this point, the draft guidelines provide:

5.9 Rights of the Child

The child has a right to his/her identified information such as background information. Except in cases of unwed mother, the details of biological parent/s may be made available to a child when he/she becomes adult or is old enough to understand such intricacies. SAAs are required to offer psychosocial services to all parties concerned when a search for origins is undertaken. Every child with a court order from an Indian court shall enjoy all rights and privilege of a biological child when he/she joins the adoptive parents in their countries.
Note the significant exception for adoptees of unwed mothers. “SAAs” are defined as specialized adoption agencies that are recognized by the state government for the purpose of domestic adoption.

CARA will undoubtedly hear from agencies. It’s not always in the interest of agencies for adoptees to obtain their background information or to search. The truth can be pieced together that way. It's important that CARA hear from those whose rights are at stake and others who are also knowledgeable about open records.

CARA is inviting comments reportedly until August 15. Please consider sending a comment.

CARA’s Draft Guidelines are here.

Comments may be directed to:

Central Adoption Resource Authority
Ministry of Women & Child Development
West Block 8, Wing 2, 2nd Floor
R.K. Puram
New Delhi 110066 INDIA



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