Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Time For Some Encouragement

When I started this blog I thought it would be an easy thing to keep up with media stories of adoption corruption. In the frequent lulls between stories I thought I would add some commentary, putting some of my ideas into essay form.

I would spend just a couple of hours a day on this blog and....famous last words....it would be manageable. HA!

In the two weeks that since this blog began, the news on adoption corruption that has been available in the media and the number of legal documents about adoption corruption cases that have entered the public domain has been nothing short of overwhelming. With numerous major developments in old cases, the breaking into the public realm of several new cases, and a steady trickle of smaller stories, I can say I am totally overwhelmed.

There is a backlog of articles and primary source material and the stories and the sources keep coming. Forget the commentary....who has time...

In the midst of all this, the picture that is emerging is confirming my worst suspecions about how international adoption is currently being practiced around the globe and about the irrational, self-defeating, and self-interested way that the international adoption community reacts to adoption corruption.

I'm ready for some good news or at least some encouragement that SOMEONE cares or that SOMEONE is on top of things with some energy trying to make a difference SOMEWHERE without burying their heads in the sand, without undermining the efforts of those who would root out corruption and help the vulnerable, and without exploiting those who are being helped.

Well, that good news came last night and this morning in the form of two emails detailing the work of two energetic groups of people trying to make a difference in a two places where children are being trafficked for adoption and for other purposes.

My next two blog entries will be about these people, their organizations, and their important work.

So, heads up for some good news.


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