Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Stop Exploitation Now

I intend that this blog be, not simply a repository of information about adoption corruption, but also a place that highlights the efforts of fellow fleas who are concretely making a positive difference in the world.

Item 9 of my "What To Do About Adoption Corruption" summary list says, "Find ways to make a difference in terms of the root causes of the "need" for adoption."

Specifically, two of the ways I suggest this can be done follow:

--Find ways to address the contextual root causes of relinquishment, abandonment, and the questionable or illegal sourcing of children in these countries. This could be through sponsoring a family, sponsoring a child, supporting education, supporting an organization that offers education, supporting an organization that empowers local women, or whatever... It could be through urging your government or charities to address issues that you've become aware of; it could be through education of others as to the complexities of issues within countries, or many other things--whatever.

--Realistically speaking, international adoption touches only a tiny fraction of the children who have been separated (for whatever reason) from their family of origin. It will never be a solution for all children or even a sizable portion of the children in any given country. Supporting other in-country solutions for both children who are vulnerable to separation from families of origin (family preservation/prevention strategies) and who have already been separated from their families of origin (solutions other than IA) makes compassionate humanitarian sense.

I recently received an email from an adoptive mother who has combined resources with others and has been doing what she can, in her way with her interests and talents, to address some of the issues of vulnerable children in Cambodia. The result is an organization called Stop Exploitation Now.

According to their website:

Stop Exploitation Now! (SEN) was established to stop the exploitation, abuse, and neglect of women, children, and the disabled in developing countries. We also provide basic support such as food, shelter, healthcare, and educational opportunities to impoverished individuals in Southeast Asia. Our goal is to implement projects that have major and lasting impacts on the lives of those in need.

“Thou shalt not be a victim.
Thou shalt not be a perpetrator. Above all, thou shalt not be a bystander.”

~ Holocaust Museum, Washington DC
Stop Exploitation Now currently has at least four areas of intervention/assistance:
  • anti-trafficking

  • basic needs support

  • development grants

  • acid burn victim support
Please take the time to check out Stop Exploitation Now's website (great website and some really beautiful photos)

Stop Exploitation Now!


Please note: It is the reader's responsibility to vet an organization before contributing to it. Highlighting it here does not necessarily constitute an endorsement. One place that non-profits can be vetted financially is at, Connecting People with Non-Profit Information

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