Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Adoption Ethics and Accountability Conference 2007--Intentions

I know that many are eagerly awaiting blogger accounts of the 2007 Adoption Ethics and Accountability Conference.

While I (and many other bloggers too) had intended to blog from the conference, it was incredibly hard to do so. Too many people to meet, too many sessions to attend, and simply too much to take in. There was simply no time. Nor, by day's end when there was a little time, was there any energy.

I know that many of us who attended the conference came home totally exhuasted.

Despite the fatigue, I feel totally energized. What an amazing conference! So many knowledgable and passionate people together in one place concerned about adoption ethics and accountability.

Over the days and weeks to follow Usha and I and other bloggers too (hope to get up some links) will be posting in detail about the conference.

No one person could have seen and heard anymore than a fraction of all of the conference sessions because many sessions were concurrent with each other. While I attended several of the sessions, I missed many more than I saw. However, I purchased the entire conference CD set and intend to listen to it all over the next few weeks. And blog on most of it.

So check back often for these posts and also for other corruption stories that Usha and I are working on. The corruption stories come so fast and furiously these days that it is hard to keep up. Upcoming in the next weeks will be adoption corruption stories on the Waiting Angels Adoption Agency prosecutions, the Mary Bonn sentencing, the flap in India over the Preet Mandir investigation, and many more subjects, including, of course, conference summaries.

Stay tuned.

Oh yes, and I have some conference photos to post as well.



  1. fantastic to meet you both and i completely agree with you. i have so much in my head but I am still exhausted! will be posting much over the coming days!

  2. It was great to meet you Desiree, also David and Usha. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts - mine are still settling. I'm still decompressing!