Sunday, July 22, 2007

Guatemala: Stolen Baby Rescued

Much US media attention is being paid to the rescue from an orphanage in Guatemala of a two month old child stolen from his Guatemalan family's home last month.

A false birth certificate was found in the orphanage where the child was being held.

Four people--the orphanage director and three orphanage employees--were arrested upon discovery of the child.

It is assumed that this baby was being prepared for illegal adoption, although just how those who were supposedly planning this might have been hoping to dodge the DNA testing requirement and offer him for adoption, remains unclear.

"Our investigations indicate that they were already at the stage of processing the adoption," [assistant chief of criminal investigations for the police] Esquivel said.

However, Guatemala's Attorney General's office, the institution that oversses adoptions, said that so far no application for the baby's adoption either under his real or false name, had yet been found. The baby could have had another fake birth certificate or the suspects may have not yet filed the application."

The multitudenous articles covering this case--as far as I can tell, more than 50 (so many in fact, that I gave up trying to list all the URL's below)--go on to explain the current state of adoption in Guatemala:

The U.S. State Department, citing rampant problems of fraud and extortion, said in March it no longer recommends that Americans adopt children from Guatemala. U.S. officials have said there were frequent cases of birth mothers pressured to sell their babies and adoptive U.S. parents targeted by extortionists.

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etc. etc. etc.

(if you want to see them all, google "Guatemala Stolen Baby Rescued)


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  1. Desiree, have you been able to find out the identity of the orphanage and/or the orphanage director involved in this event?

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