Saturday, June 02, 2007

Flea Feeding Frenzy--so why no bites lately?

With the unfortunate mountain of adoption-corruption-related news the adoption world has provided as of late, the last six weeks should have been a flea feeding frenzy with this blog churning out blog post after blog post....

Yet, as my regular readers may have noticed, this blog has been silent in the midst of it all.

My sincere apologies. For the past several weeks, this flea has been living at the hospital nurturing and caring for her wee one who has been seriously ill.

Home again, with the wee one on the mend, this flea will hopefully soon find time to again get back to biting.



  1. Hi, I needed to touch base with sanity.

    As you have said, it's hard enough dealing with all the abuses in adoption...and as if that wasn't bad enough I have had to endure bashing by the self-adnointed prima dona of international adoptive mothers... Ms. Sandra Hanks (as in Tom) Boentoin who decided to kill me, the messenger reporting on truth in adoption - especially internationally.

    Please come and visit me at

  2. Can you reveal the name of the Indian orphanage director charged with trafficking?

    You can contact me privately with the info. David knows my contact info.